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StickerUp - sticker maker, is a free app to create stickers whatsapp on android. Create funny custom stickers, add them to a whatsapp sticker pack and use them in your whatsapp chats.

Make your own whatsapp stickers

Make your own custom whatsapp stickers, and add them to WhatsApp with StickerUp, sticker maker. It’s really easy, just follow these 3 steps:

01. Customize a whatsapp sticker:

Create and customize your own avatar or anyone else’s to use them as whatsapp stickers. You can create nice colorful images. It’s funny and easy, just select from hundreds of elements to customize a whatsapp sticker: background colors, face & body types, skin colors, hair styles, eyes, facial marks, beards & moustaches, clothes, make up, accessories... and much more.

02. Generate & add Sticker Pack to whatsapp:

Once you have created a custom sticker, click "GENERATE & ADD STICKERS WHATSAPP" button and the app will automatically create a sticker pack with 16 whatsapp stickers, 16 variations of the image you have created. Each image will represent an emotion or feeling, using funny texts and facial gestures (happy, in love, sad, angry, funny, bored, agree, disappointed, scared, ...)

You can create as many stickers packs as you want.

03. Use best stickers for whatsapp in your chats:

All Sticker Packs you have added to whatsapp, each one with 16 custom stickers, will be available to use them in your chats. Just select any of them and share funny messages in your whatsapp chats.

Share your own custom stickers

With stickerUp, after generate and add stickers to whatsapp, you can share or send the stickers through the apps installed on your smartphone or social networking sites like facebook, twitter or instagram.

Also you can save and download into your device memory card any of the custom whatsapp stickers you have created. Just click the download icon and the app, sticker maker, will save the image as PNG file into the images gallery of your android device: smartphone or tablet.

When creating a custom whatsapp sticker, the image match these requirements:

- Transparent background
- Size in pixels: 512x512 px
- File size: less than 100kb

When sharing on social networks or downloading the images, these files will have full size (according to size and screen resolution of your device). This allow you to share or send good quality images generated from the custom sticker.

custom stickers for whatsapp on android- sticker maker - stickerUp best whatsapp stickers - sticker maker - stickerUp custom whatsapp stickers android app - sticker maker - stickerUp

Edit whatsapp stickers you have already created

Stickerup, sticker maker app, allows access to all images previously created to modify, remove or share them again. To do this, the app has an image gallery with all the custom whatsapp stickers you have saved.

Once you have created a personalized whatsapp sticker, you can modify it as many times as you need and generate a new sticker pack with the changes you have done.

Download free android app from Google Play

Download free the app and enjoy creating & sharing best stickers for whatsapp with StickerUp - Sticker Maker.